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04/24: Cyprus

05+06/24: Belgium + France (north)

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This site is about the photo shoots I do during my travels. Using great landscapes or old towns… as location for photo shoots! 

But therefore I need models. Usually it is free if you agree: I can use them for non-commercial purposes. (we call that tfp) If you are interested in a shoot and you are in the same area like me: Let me know!

You don´t need experience! I am used to work with newcomers! Find a contact form in the end of this page.

You´ll find my work abraod here. For more of my work click on toda la foto, please.

  • My International Photo Shoots:

Portugal May 2023

Model: Ana (Portugal); Location: Portugal, Evora

Model: Anna (Germany); Location: Portugal, Lagos, Praia de dona Ana

Model: Olga (Russia); Location: Portugal, Lisboa

Model: Olga (Russia); Location: Portugal, Lisboa

France May 2022

Model: Sara Stjernborg (Denmark); Location: France, Carcassonne

Model: Sarah Rivet (France); Location: France (near Montpieller)

Model: Sarah Rivet (France); Location: France (near Montpieller)

Poland and Ukraine May and June 2019

Model: Nadya (Ukraine); Location: Ukraine, Lviv

2019 06 11 8721naa

Model: Evelina (Ukraine); Location: Ukraine, Odessa

2019 06 02 6688aa

Model: Evelina (Ukraine); Location: Ukraine, Kiev

2019 05 30 6268aa

Model: Anastasiia (Ukraine); Location: Poland, Warsaw

2019 05 25 4199aa

Monte Negro August 2018

Model: Maria (Ukraine); Location: Monte Negro, Stari Bar

2018 08 05 3653aa

Vienna, Austria June 2018

Model: Jannica (musicandstrawberries.wu from Austria); Location: Austria, Vienna, WU

2018 06 17 7430aa

France (and Chanel Islands) August 2016:

Model: Chou (France); Location: France, Normandy, Le Havre

2016 08 19 3230a

Tour throught Central Europe/Balkans May 2016:

Model: Anna Cocoza (Croatia); Location: Croatia, Daruvar

2016 05 29 7866a
2016 05 29 7870a

Model: Brigita (Slovenia); Location: Slovenia, Bohinj

2016 05 25 7021a

Model: Ravenchild (Switzerland); Location: Switzerland, Zürich

2016 05 18 5427a

Shootings on Tenerife October/November 2015:

 Model: Victoria (Spain); Locaion: Spain, Tenerife, Playa del Socorro

2015 11 07 4341a1

Model: Victoria (Spain); Locaion: Spain, Tenerife, Teide National Park

2015 11 07 3948a

Model: Annika (Germany); Location: Spain, Tenerife, Teide National Park

2015 11 05 3620a-2
Model: René (Germany/Tenerife); Location: Spain, Tenerife, San Juan de la Rambla

2015 10 30 0475a

Shooting in Macedonia – April 2015:

Model: Jasmina (Macedonia); Location: Macedonia, Tetovo, Baniche

2015 04 19 8189

Model: Irena (Macedonia); Location: Macedonia, Tetovo, Baniche

2015 04 19 8130d1

Shooting in Australia – March 2014:

 Models: Danielle and Imogen (Australia); Location: Australia, Victoria, arround Ballarat:

2014 03 01 0522d

Shootings in New Zealand – Jan + Feb 2014:

Model: Lissome (USA); Location: NZ, South Island, North of Christchurch:

2014 02 25 0156a

Models: Lia and Marco (both Germany); Location: NZ, South Island, Moeraki Bolders:

2014 02 25 9954d

Model: Romina (Chile); Location: NZ, South Island, around Queenstown:

2014 02 19 9291b

Model: Corinna (Austria); Location: NZ, Sout Island, around Culverdeen:

2014 02 08 6719b

Model: Miss B-Blond Ambition (Kiwi); Location: NZ, South Island, around Christ Church

2014 02 06 6498a

Model: KB (USA); Location: NZ, North Island, around Palmerston North:

2014 01 22 4026b

Model: Agnes (Spain), Location: NZ, North Island, Coromandel Penisula:

2014 01 09 2394d

Photo Shoots in Europe (2011/12):

Model: A de Ania (Poland) and Leo (Brazil); Location: Poland, Warsaw:

IMG 2012 09 23 3299d

Model: ShinMai (Ukraine), Location: Poland, Warsaw:

IMG 2012 09 20 2690d

Model: Dominika (Poland); Location: Poland, Szydlowiec

IMG 2012 09 19 2602d

Model: Loes (Netherlands); Location: Poland:

IMG 2012 09 17 2047d

Model: Maria (Ukraine); Location: Monte Negro, around Bar:

2012 06 01 1329d1

Model: Sunny Jenny (Germany), Location: Portugal, Algarve, Praia Dona Ana
2011 05 27 4576a

Became interested?

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